31 Okt 2009

Michael Jackson's This Is It Album Available Now

The new album featuring the new song "This Is It" is available now! The 2-CD collector's edition features the music that inspired Michael Jackson's This Is It. The package includes a 36-page, commemorative booklet featuring exclusive photos of Michael from his last rehearsal along with an 11"x17" (approx. 28cm x 43cm) movie poster. The Deluxe Four Vinyl LP (180g) set contains the original album masters of some of Michael's biggest hits, previously unreleased versions of classic tracks plus two versions of the never-released "This Is It"

14 Jul 2009

Muslim in the World Grieves for Michael Jackson's Dead

CAIRO (Marwa Awad)

Michael Jackson's sudden death at age 50 provoked an outpouring of emotion from Muslims and Arabs who paid tribute to the pop star whose conversion to Islam and brief residence in the Gulf helped cement his popularity among a global fan base.

Despite ruling the charts and dazzling audiences with trademarks like the "moonwalk" in the 1980s, Jackson’s career was overshadowed by his physical transformation and multiple allegations of child abuse. But his fans seem to prefer remembering him as an entertainer who transcended cultural boundaries and became one of the best-selling artists of all time

Sheikh Abdulla bin Hamad Isa Al Khalifa, the Bahraini prince who had a falling out with the “King of Pop” in 2008, publicly mourned his death as a tragic loss to the music industry in a statement in the Gulf Daily News.

" He had many faults but he came to the Middle East and felt at home here. I respect his cross-cultural awareness which knew no bounds "
Bahraini Michael Jackson fan
Jackson moved to Bahrain with his children after his 2005 acquittal of child molestation charges and lived there for a year as a guest of the royal family. But after disagreement over plans for a concert comeback fell through his benefactor filed a lawsuit against him for $7 million that ended in an out of court settlement in 2008.

Yet Bahrainis, many of whom were accustomed to glimpsing the reclusive Jackson sporting a black women’s abaya, a black over garment,, connected to Jackson on a cultural level as many felt he was one of them.

“He had many faults but he came to the Middle East and felt at home here. I respect his cross-cultural awareness which knew no bounds,” a Bahraini fan said on Facebook page dedicated to the star.

“I grew up with Jackson’s music…he was my window to the world of pop culture and I grieve for his sudden death,” Haritha Moulid from Bahrain, said on a Remembering Michael Jackson Facebook page
"It's hard to overestimate the impact Jackson had on the world in general, much less the Muslim world," Zahed Amanullah, associate editor of the London-based altmuslim.com, wrote in an article on his website.

"Like young people elsewhere around the world, many Muslims simply loved Michael, for his gentle persona, his raw talent, or the pop culture seed planted in their subconscious,” said Zaid Shakir, a renowned American imam, adding that he hoped his faith “cushioned” his fall.
"Michael was an icon, a pain-filled, troubled icon, and like many of comparable stature before him, and inevitably many after him, his fall was sudden and unexpected," Shakir wrote on his website. "Hopefully, the tears he cried in the privacy of his oftentimes lonely world, tears described by Smokey Robinson as those of a clown, shed when no one’s around, had dried," Shakir said.

9 Mei 2009

Coldplay Biography's

Coldplay is a rock music group ang formed in London, England in 1996. Music group consists of Chris Martin as the vocalist / pianist / guitarist, guitarist Jonny Buckland as primary, as bassis Guy Berryman, Will Champion and as a drummer. Coldplay has released 4 albums throughout his career, starting from the debut album Parachutes (2000), and A Rush of Blood to the Head (2002), X & Y (2005), and the album Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends (2008). Overall, Coldplay have achieved success through 4 albums with total sales reaching 33.9 million albums. [1] Some singelnya has become a hit like "Yellow", "Clocks" (the Record of the Year Grammy Award in 2004), " The Scientist "," Speed of Sound "," Fix You ", and" Viva la Vida. "They also get a good response from the media in the album Viva La Vida Or Death and All His Friends after the album X & Y they have criticized the bad in the media.

Band Personnel

* Chris Martin: main vocal, piano / keyboard, guitar
* Jon Buckland: guitar, harmonic, vocal background
* Guy Berryman: bass guitar, synthesizer, harmonic, vocal background
* Will Champion: drums / perkusi, piano, background vocal

Coldplay's Song
Violet Hill In My Place
Speed of Sound
Bigger Stronger
Such a Rush

7 Mar 2009

GreenDay Biography's

Green Day
East Bay, California, USA


Green Day is a music group California punk rock origins, the United States. Personelnya consisting of Billie Joe Armstrong (vocalist, guitarist), Mike Dirnt (base) and Tre Cool (drums), and Al Sobrante the first exit from the group.

The owner of the album American Idiot has won numerous awards, including the MTV Video Music Awards, Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards and won three Grammy Awards, including Best Alternative Album category through album Dookie (1994), Best Rock Album for American Idiot album (2004 ) and Record of the Year for the album Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

Group that in 1989 it has been successful selling of more than 24.2 million albums in the United States and more than 60 million albums worldwide. With the achievement of Green Day have been considered to restore the spirit of punk rock bengenre to the world.

6 Mar 2009

Kinds of Guitars

Acoustic electric Guitars: this is a term used to describe acoustic guitars that have pickups installed in them so they can be plugged into amplifiers or PA systems. The majority of acoustic guitars you see on stage are acoustic electric guitars. Structurally, they are identical to traditional acoustic guitars.

Electric Guitars: these types of guitars made out of a solid piece of wood and rely exclusively on their electronic pickup systems and amplifiers for their volume. Their unique sound lends itself best to rock and roll, but they have also substantially shaped the sound of country music in the last 50 years. (Think "twang")

Classical Guitars: also called "nylon-string", classical guitars are used almost exclusively in the classical and folk idioms, but can also be found on more popular recordings. Carlos Santana makes a lot of use of the classical guitar in his

recordings. Slightly smaller than a traditional acoustic, they feature slightly wider necks and strings that are made of nylon rather than steel, to give them a very gentle, warm sound. The best Classical guitars are usually from Spain.

Hollow-body Guitars: These are simply traditional electric guitars that have chambers cut in the body to allow for more sonic resonance. They come in many different sizes and are favored primarily by players of blues and jazz music.

Steel Guitars: These are the farthest breed apart from traditional guitars so far. While any guitarist can pick up any guitar

from the above list and play, a steel guitar requires special training to play. The guitar is played flat on its back, and the strings are elevated approximately half an inch above the fretboard. This allows the strings to be played using a "tone bar" that takes the place of the fingers on a fretboard and gives the steel guitar its classic "crying sound". This is the archetypal guitar sound.

By Guitars From Spain, Inc
from articlesbase.com

2 Mar 2009

Learn Piano From Really Beginner

There is a bit of a mini-revolution going on in the world of piano teachers. And it all has to do with teaching piano for beginners.

You see, there's the old way of teaching piano. This way focuses on learning notes, learning to site read music, and learning where each individual note is on the piano. This method also focuses on practicing scales day in and day out.

This classic method is what a lot of people think of when they think of piano for beginners. But it's not the only way to learn.

Many piano teachers have begun teaching in a new way that is exciting and enjoyable to their students. The students of these teachers learn to play music faster and have a better time doing it.

What is the name of this miracle method?

While it doesn't have a formal name, people refer to it as "learning chords." Piano for beginners is taught with an emphasis on learning chords, rather than individual notes.

This method is so popular because it makes learning piano exciting. After just a few short lessons, students can play real music. This is much more thrilling for students than practicing scales. After all, most people want to learn piano to play songs, not scales.

Chords are a natural lead into music making. It's the way people learn to play guitar, and it's the reason that guitar players often enjoy their lessons more.

When a beginning piano student learns chords, they can easily play a song within the first few lessons. This creates a sense of satisfaction of the student and encourages them to learn more. It builds confidence, in children and adult beginners alike. And that confidence can get the student excited about piano.

Piano for beginners taught through the chord based method is enjoyable for student and teacher alike. Could you imagine listening to nothing by scales for hours each day? A teacher that instructs their students to use chords can hear actual music as they teach their students to play.

Chords allow new students to speak the language of music, rather than just learning the "letters" of that language. With a chord-based method, students develop a real appreciation for music and an understanding for song composition much earlier. They can learn music, instead of just learning notes. This is satisfying for the student and the teacher alike.

Piano for beginners can be exciting and fun when the right method is used!

By Brian Shelton
From articlebase.com

1 Mar 2009

Bullet For My Valentine Heat Jakarta

Kapanlagi.com - Bullet For My Valentine, the band origin of Bridgend, Wales, England, became the first band to perform concerts in Indonesia in early 2009 this year.

Came to Jakarta on Wednesday (4 / 2) at the Senayan Indoor Tennis Stadium, Jakarta, the concert by Java Musikindo, Adrie Subono leaders, in cooperation with the LA Light Concert back to make the temperature in the few days this is quite cold with rainfall of high heat again.

Band which is abbreviated BFMV by 4 personil, namely: Matthew 'Matt' Tuck (vocal, guitar), Michael 'Padge' Paget (guitar), Michael 'Moose' Thomas (drums), and Jason 'Jay' James (bass) Direct welcome the crowd started filtering from the start at 16.00 WIB and Matt sing so hysterical single Scream Aim Fire at about 20:00 o'clock, and immediately followed by WIT tembang Take It Out.

Matt also had greet spectators after the second song after "Hello Jakarta ..!!" and directly followed the next songs, 4 Words, Ashes, and All These Things.

The concert whch ended at around 21:30 WIB had made hot day in the afternoon, where the band and the band The Sigit Lipgloss greet spectators who came on 'welcoming Stage' which is located at the Tennis Indoor Senayan